Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swindlers, Snake Oil Salesmen, and Suckers

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"Mr. Brett Matich - 49 is the President of Natan Resources Ltd. Mr. Matich has over 10 years of management and leadership experience in business. He has been the promoter of, and an advisor to, several companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. He has served as Managing Director of Aztec Resources Ltd. (“Aztec”), Acclaim Exploration NL and Fox Resources Ltd. (“Fox”), all companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

He is also a director of Cap-Ex Ventures Ltd., a TSX Venture Exchange listed company. Mr. Matich also serves as Managing Director of Landlife Corporation Pty Ltd., December 2005 to present."

UPDATE December 11, 2011

No surprise that a rolling Australian stone gathers no freakin moss whatever when in the properly fertilized turnip patch and Mr. Matich has found his clover with his new best buddies at Canaccord, no doubt about that.

What the hell am I spewing about this time? Why Natan Resources Ltd., of course. (a horse)

"Natan has also engaged Canaccord Genuity Corp. to act as agent in a best-efforts equity financing of postconsolidation common shares of Natan at a price of $1.60 per share, to raise gross proceeds of a minimum of $5-million, which will close concurrently with the transaction.

Canaccord has been granted an overallotment option to sell additional shares to raise additional gross proceeds of up to $1.75-million. Completion of the financing is a condition to closing the transaction and is subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange."

So not only has Mr. Matich discovered the largest, most awesome and hugemungous near surface deposit ever dreampt about by a monkey on planet earth already (Baaaa Baaaa Billions)... he's gonna do it again for guaranteed damn sure.

Stay tuned citizens. It can only get better and better.

UPDATE December 7, 2011

More solid gold (verified) from a former police officer, private investigator, and author in Perth by the name of Mr. Terrence J.MCLERNON.

"Background on Matich Gang members..

Brett "The Hobbit" Matich is the undisputed and much feared leader.

I first became aware of this much feared member when his old sailing partner rented an apartment from me in North Fremantle. He too was a recovering addict, the difference between these two was he was trying to get clean and was winning. Although he had unfortunately caught all the normal diseases associated with the needle. "The Hobbit" however had no intention of cleaning up his act.
After his sailings days came to an end "The HOBBIT" became an expert in mining overnight. He went on to lead a most colourful life although a rather unlawful one. Meeting along the way both COLIN "CIRCLES" PACE fresh from being turfed out of the Police Force for his penchant for crime and Robert SMITH, a Drug Squad undercover cop who eventually met the same fate as "Circles".

These two have managed to keep HOBBIT free from Police charges for quite some time. Their expertise and "HOBBIT’S" money are a great combination in a booming mining town like Perth.

An almost deadly combination when a HOBBIT looks for love in the Office and is rejected!!!!! Stay tuned as the HOBBIT gets even nastier as his bank balance grows. Rejection is something that the little HOBBIT feels he does not have to deal with..."

Shemesian's Cape Lambert iron ore project, which was sold to what was then known as International Goldfields for $20m plus 140 million options in 2005, had initially been bound for Fox Resources.

The two friends, however, fell out last year, after Matich obtained a court injunction to prevent Shemesian selling his shares in Cape Lambert. The dispute was resolved after Melbourne underworld mediator Mick Gatto helped to broker a peace deal."

"When I was ushered into the private dining room for a meeting with Melbourne gangland survivor Mick Gatto and his mates, it was like walking into a scene from The Sopranos."

"Gatto, who's in town to promote the autobiography he co-wrote with journalist Tom Noble, I, Mick Gatto, confessed when he found out actor Simon Westaway was a cop 20 years ago he wasn't impressed that the actor was set to play him in Underbelly.

I thought about it overnight and I could have got him scrubbed in a heartbeat. But I rang him the next day and told him to do his best and I'm not worried about his past," says the son of Italian immigrants."
Mark Hawthorne March 3, 2009

"Gatto's trip to London has made several people in Perth "nervous", according to The Age's source.

Shemessian is embroiled in court proceedings with former business partner Brett Matich. The pair are fighting for control of a stake in Cape Lambert Iron Ore, the mining explorer controlled by Perth Glory owner Tony Sage. Shemessian's Hong Kong-based company Power United — owned in the name Shmazian — owns 10.5 per cent of Cape Lambert and last year launched a bid alongside Russia's Evraz to take control of the company, which controlled $320 million in cash.

That bid was stymied by Matich, who obtained an injunction from the Supreme Court of WA to prevent Shemessian from selling or voting his Cape Lambert stock.

Matich and Shemessian are scheduled to square off in court later in the year. "The thought of Gatto and Shemessian meeting in London has made Brett rather nervous," quipped one mining figure."

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So whats the bloody deal with this Cap-Ex Ventures CEV.v ? Glad you asked Citizen.
Cap-Ex Ventures Ltd - CEV.v is focused on exploration and development of iron ore projects in the Labrador Trough near Schefferville, Quebec.

The Company's Schefferville Properties cover an area of 32,000 hectares and include the Block 103 and Redmond projects.
And since our lightbulbs are on by now, what gaggle of canines do we have guarding the shareholder henhouse this time around?

Andrew W. Bowering, Chairman and Director

Andrew Bowering, is a self-employed management consultant to public companies and has provided services in a variety of management and financial oversight roles. He has held senior executive positions and directorships in numerous public companies involved in mineral exploration in Canada, the United States, Mexico and China. He has an in-depth knowledge of securities markets, regulatory affairs and investor/public relations. Mr. Bowering has led several large acquisition programs in Northwest British Columbia, Alberta and Central Mexico. Mr. Bowering obtained a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science, from the University of British Columbia in 1986.

Whats missing here? Oh yeah how silly of me, how about any reference to that long and revolting track record of value creation as ultra long time director of ATW Gold aka Red Hill Resources with partner Mr. Graham Harris?
Graham Harris, Director

Graham Harris has over 18 years of experience in the finance industry, including former Senior Vice President and Director at Canaccord Capital Corp. and Senior Vice President and Director of Yorkton Securities, he also served as Yorkton's representative to the Investment Dealers Association of Canada. Mr. Harris obtained his BA in Economics from the University of British Columbia, Canada in 1986.

Gee whiz it happened again. These boyos are TOOOOO modest. No really, a lot.

So what else looks similar, oh yeah how about the same shemale accountant that massaged that mess called the financials past the point of stupidity last time around?
Jasvir Kaloti, CFO and Corporate Secretary

Jasvir Kaloti, has been employed since April 2008 as CFO of Redhill Resources Corp., a junior gold explorer listed as a Tier I issuer on the TSX-Venture Exchange. Prior to that, she was employed as a management services consultant to a number of companies. Ms. Kaloti obtained a Bachelors' of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 1993. Ms. Kaloti is expected to add her public company accounting and management experience to the Corporation's management.
Awesome. Now how about a paid tout, who's always available at the right price and somebody we might recognize? Oh citizen, you are getting far too clever and talented at this ... why of course its Mr. Peter Grandich back again to share his limitless (but never free) expertise with eager public types, again, and all about iron ore this time.

"it does appear CEV is developing into a legitimate “world-class” project."

Of course it is Mr. Grandich don't be so modest and ridiculous, what do you take us repeatedly for ... completely hopeless retards?
Whatever these fully experienced value creationists have up their sleeves this time ... well its gonna be freakinBIG we can count on that for damn sure.

Tell us BoyoTards how hugemungously massively awesome BIG? ....

Cap-Ex President and CEO Mr Brett Matich comments, "Block 103 appears to host a multi-billion tonne near surface iron ore deposit."

Mr. Brett Matich reports


Cap-Ex Ventures Ltd. is retracting the statements from its Nov. 23 news release, stating: "Block 103 appears to host a multibillion-tonne near-surface iron ore deposit" and "All 17 holes ... have encountered a sequence of ore-grade mineralization."

Statements of this nature require support of a current resource estimate and economic analysis. The company has not competed such an estimate or analysis nor has it completed a 43-101-compliant report on these matters."

Tsk Tsk Tsk. (I believe "completed" is the correct spelling.)

Stay tuned to this space Citizens, we have so much freakin solid gold pooh from these brainiacs the only constraint is trying to find a way to dish it all up correctly.