Friday, February 3, 2012

Jack "Legs" Diamond

Jack "Legs" Diamond (born Jack Nolan; July 10, 1897 – December 18, 1931), also known as Gentleman Jack, was an Irish-American gangster in Philadelphia and New York City during the Prohibition era.

Diamond survived a number of attempts on his life between 1916 and 1931, causing him to be known as the "clay pigeon of the underworld". In 1930, Diamond's nemesis Dutch Schultz remarked to his own gang, "Ain't there nobody that can shoot this guy so he don't bounce back?"

In 1930, Diamond was charged for the kidnapping and torture of a truck driver named James Duncan, but he was eventually acquitted.

In early 1931, Schultz' gunmen fired on Diamond with machine guns, killing two bystanders in the process. Diamond again escaped unscathed.

On December 18, 1931, Diamond's enemies finally caught up with him, shooting him after he had passed out at a hideout in Albany, New York.

The killers shot him three times in the back of the head.