Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mihran Shemesian - Mick Many Names

So what has Brett Matich and his good buddy Mihran Shemesian been up to lately?

Great question there citizen.

As many know of course, the Matich team of Paul and Brett along with Mick "Many Names" have controlled many A.S.X. listed companies such as ACCLAIM, AZTEC, FOX, RANGE to name just a few. All were involved in the failed YANDAL float with their close friend Michael James Giovinazzo.

Latest discovery is Mick's website where he misspells his own name, but thats nothing compared to a dozen different ways in various ASIC filings.

And what a master of self promotion or what .... "Schmazian (sic) has had more than luck, he has a track record of success that can only be achieved through intense study and mastering your craft."

The only way to match THAT record of separating ultra dumb sheeple from their dopey money is through "mastering" of many behind holes. Mick was reported in Perth recently, apparently greasing the wheels for his NEXT series of misadventures.


Meanwhile our OTHER hero of massive self-aggrandizing size, Mr. Brett Matich seems to have been stopped dead with his evil plans for Natan Ventures Inc. (NRL.p)

The breathlessly reported $5m deal with whoorehouse Canaccord has fallen flat, and if it ain't gonna fly at sponsor Canaccrap it likely won't fly at all. (good on the public for a change) The address provided for the Company, 1780 - 400 Burrard Street, is actually the office of Fretwell Gordon J, Law Corp.

A body can't keep an insulting career horse chit spewer down for long however ...

"In 2011, as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cap-Ex Ventures Ltd., Mr. Matich raised $25 million and guided the exploration and drilling that led to the Block 103 iron ore discovery, which he and the company believe will prove up to be billions of tons of iron ore."

"Formerly a slight enterprise, Cap-Ex’s discovery captivated the mining market industry and was reported by news websites, including Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance."