Friday, August 31, 2012

Clowns of the Week - VMS Ventures Inc. - VMS.v

Meet Mr. Rick Mark, M.Ed. (Admin) CEO & Chair and Mr. John A. Roozendaal, B.Sc. Geol. President and Director, VMS Ventures Inc.
And yes indeed of course we have ANOTHER sterling addition to our growing crew of wicked hard done by venture public company "management" types crying to the high court on the stakeholder dime.

And holy macarollie all featured here, without exception, have sewered whilst hiding skeltonized closets. So what are we ... freaking damn bloody amazing guru geniuses?
Probably of course butt damn, here we go again.®ion=C

"The third petition targets posts that appeared under the name "nttg2005." The company complains that those messages left readers with the impression that members of management were "clowns" and were intentionally mismanaging corporate opportunities.

One, dated Feb. 13, 2012, read: "The management has been disappointing and are lossing there credibility fast. it shows on all the other companies they own. The are busy shagging sheep instead of running a company."


To be clear we are AGAINST the shagging of unwilling sheep and are AGAINST ultra dopey, clown-like retardo venture management using stakeholder dough to protect their usually dead chitty "reputations" when it surely could used much better elsewhere.

As far as Llamas are concerned the gruesome twosome are welcome to sweet talk those nasty buggers instead of sheeple.

Pffffft !