Sunday, August 12, 2012

Louis Dion pulls 47 months

Louis Dion has been sentenced to a whooping 47 months and that is some serious time, particularly since Zanic only bought 12 months for essentially the same crime.
This bloody well should send a loud and clear message that America isn't the place for Vancouver scum bags to ply their trade.

“Immediately upon being arrested, Louis realized the error of his ways,” his New York lawyer, Alexander Southwell, stated in a sentencing submission.

Dion described his incarceration as “particularly harsh … mentally exhausting and physically draining.”

He said his client is “deeply remorseful” and he asked the court to “show mercy” to a “broken and shamed man.”

Stay tuned to this space as we all find out exactly how much squeeling Mr. Dion has done to avoid an extended stay in prison. From all accounts it has been a great deal.
“Since I retired, I spent my time trying to help my friends [in business deals]. Sadly, I got involved with some individuals who I believed and thought I could trust. Perhaps one of my faults or weaknesses is that I trust people too much.”

"In the end, the judge rejected Dion's plea for leniency. She said trust and transparency are the cornerstones of the securities markets, and he had violated both those principles."