Monday, August 6, 2012

Rolling Thom gathers no Moss

Always on the prowl for the latest and greatest from busted red handed securities mutts that require legal service, what does Thom Thom Calandra have up his sleeve for public dopes this time?

Why the return of "The Calandra Report" of course a fukkin horse.

"And GATA's old friend the financial writer Thom Calandra, who was among the first journalists to acknowledge and credit GATA's work more than a decade ago, announced yesterday that he is reviving his newsletter, the Calandra Report, which will have special focus on natural resources and mining companies.

Calandra writes: "The goal here is to take advantage of what appear to be cheap prices for metals equities, and in some cases other forms of resources (properties, warrants, debt). We'll have the occasional trading opportunity too: metals, energy, and one or two bio-medicals. You will not be hearing from the Calandra Report unless I have done all of the scrub work necessary to ensure what in my view will be a profitable trade or hold." (shut up Thom)

Information about subscribing is posted here:

Thom ALWAYS knows what's important and sheeple need not worry their little heads about how to pay for all his grossly valuable, highly (in)credible "independent" expertise that NEVER fails ...

Meanwhile other little matters keep popping up for other perverted Ewoks. "A Star Wars actor walked free from court yesterday despite having exposed himself on a train for a second time.

Nicholas Read, 41, who played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi, flashed at a horrified female student.