Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paul Gill - Lomiko Metals Inc

Yes indeedy do citizens. Rush to petition the high court by Venture management types for the identities of nay sayers continues with no end in sight.

Mr. Gill has a problem being labelled a "jerk" and has the copious stakeholder dough to do something about it by golly. Arsesome. And what can we take away for the second consecutive horsechit deal crying to the BCSC? This monkey believes the main GreekTard at Agoracom may be advising "clients" to waste stakeholder resources to an even greater degree than pissing it away on, and that is too frikkin amazing.®ion=C

So blowing dough for no good reason is an excellent way to create stakeholder value for a sub-dime PoS and everybody knows that, ahuck.