Monday, November 19, 2012

Stan Bharti for Pope

There has been a powderpuff interview with grand poohbah Stan Bharti published and geez louise from the sounds of it he is the most misunderstood citizen since Kane.

Stakeholders of Dacha Strategic Metals Inc (DSM.v) are probably throwing a keggar and breathing a sigh of relief these days ...

"As part of the board reconstitution, Stan Bharti will no longer be serving as a director or officer of Dacha and G. Scott Moore will no longer be serving as Dacha's President and Chief Executive Officer"

Great news for fully dopey public types (and Otto Man's blood pressure) is the news that our hero Bharti Man is planning to reach out to far more of the little people through a "Private Equity Fund".

And really, who can blame Mr. Bharti for attempting to find a new revenue model that DOESN'T involve getting his arse severely kicked at AGMs every year from broke stakeholders.

"The Forbes & Manhattan President is anxious to set the record straight because the mining house is making plans for its first private equity fund, one that hopes to raise up to $1 billion to be deployed only in new deals."