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CUU.v - Jason Shepherd - Update V


Extra special kisses before the butt reaming to the so-called "Thread Leaders" at

It takes a VERY special breed to continuously lie and censor the truth on a daily basis and each of these profiles represents dead wicked losers about to get their comeuppance where it hurts the most.

Even on the eve of certain destruction these 24/7 retards are STILL patting each others' fully terrified arseholes.

After an initial view that the numbers are bad, we have taken a closer look and have determined this is NOT just a case of just bad ... it is a damn major disaster for ANYBODY unfortunate enough to be buried in this paper.

ANY way sliced there will not be a mine at Shaft Creek anytime soon and that means the company, right now, is overvalued by hundreds of millions of bucks.

There is gonna be blood, pain and plenty of it when this paper trades again, and this is one time where if it were me I would try for the pre-open.
Once again proving that old adage about slow news being bad news, stakeholders of Copper Fox Metals Inc. - CUU.v FINALLY got some of the Feasibility Study variety and damn, good luck lassoing Teck now.

"Base Case pre-tax Net Present Value ('NPV') for the Schaft Creek deposit using long-term metal prices and exchange rates and an 8% discount rate is CDN $513 million. Internal Rate of Return ('IRR') is 10.13% and a payback period of 6.5 years."
It is this opinion that "base case" sucks some wicked, serious bad arse and plenty of it.

The IRR is stupid low for an investment of this size and the payback period stupid high. Teck would have to be severely and completely nutso and Copper Fox has a market cap, right now and sure as chit not for long, exceeding $ 400m.
Main financier for extended dopey period to this K9 has been Mr. Earnesto Enchavarria, who looks to facing a very serious haircut when this paper trades again.

Mr. Jason Shepherd
Things have moved from the disgusting to the fully incredulous. Mr. Jason Shepherd and his minions have decided the very best course of action now is to redouble their efforts to suppress free and open speech and their securites fraud on the public.

"If your received a false news alert or a PM or email from a basher regarding

Jason or Pheonix Communications or regarding Copper Fox or Blackheath please forward it complete with time stamp to:

Send complete with time stamp to:

jason shepherd

Thank You,"

Perhaps I should make one thing clear to the amazing Mr. Shepherd here and now. I can make a copy and forward anything he likes WITHOUT the need for him to continue to openly operate his fraudulent conspiracy.

I have informed Mr. Shepherd he WILL resign forthwith. Should he not this public type will be marching to the BCSC and OSC with bad intentions, plenty of motivation, and a fukkin affividavit spilling every bean.

So we asked ourselves. Self, whats been going on over at the Boxxer Gold Corp thread on Agoracom? As most of us know Boxxer Gold is another sub dime doggy of Mr. Elmer B Stewart, and if there are wicked dopey shenangians from crooked basterds happening at Copper Fox Metals why wouldn't there be suspicious horsechit at Boxxer too? (BXX.v - $ .06)

Well. It ain't just slightly suspicious ... it's a fukkin near damn certain (although unproven at this point of course) FACT that the EXACT same fraudulent chit is and has been going on with BXX.v for an extended period as well.

Observe ...

"Thanks Agoracom "
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For "tidying" up the Copper Fox forum. It's a pivotal time in the company's development so this is very helpful in allowing us to focus on the business of the company at hand. Happy New Year, Stockfriend

Thanks Agoracom 3 Agoracom Forum Leaders Dec 31, 12 03:05PM
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Re: Got us some free PR on Yahoo Finance 3 Copper Fox Metals Inc. Jan 01, 13 12:31PM
Re: Insiders are buying Boxxer Gold Corp. Jan 01, 13 12:46PM

This is just a singular example of Mr. Jason Shepherd and/or "Greg" in Kelowna (Webgogs on Agoracom - handiwork ...

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Jason Shepherd in Kelowna ...

posted on Dec 31, 12 07:45PM
Thats the Copper Fox investor relations guru correct?

What is it about Mr. Jason Shepherd name that cannot even stand on the Copper Fox Metals thread? and this message lasted far longer than most, almost a full 2 minutes.

Mr. Shepherd and/or his cohorts best have plans laid for the splaining to the securities regulator should they conduct this very simple experiment to determine which dead crooked, braindead, worthless PoS securities scumbag is doing what on Agoracom.

fraud [frawd] noun
1.deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.

2. a particular instance of such deceit or trickery: mail fraud; election frauds.

3. any deception, trickery, or humbug: That diet book is a fraud and a waste of time.

4. a person who makes deceitful pretenses; sham; poseur.

Origin: 1300–50; Middle English fraude < Old French < Medieval Latin fraud- (stem of fraus ) deceit, injury

We have, of course, challenged Mr. Jason Shepherd to sue us stupid for defamation. These are bad words and serious claims after all. (and all true of course, pffft) The "man's" response so far has been to block incoming e-mailed messages through the Copper Fox website. One wonders what that would accomplish exactly, other than to demonstrate with clarity the very obvious and sickening fact Mr. Shepherd has a great deal to hide.

It has come to light that Mr. Jason Shepherd who happens to be the driving force behind Phoenix Communications Group, has been for many months/years and is currently, running a "spam and censor" campaign on for the benefit of Copper Fox Metals insiders.

Make no mistake whatever here citizens. This man is being paid by Copper Fox Metals for IR "services" and it matters absolutely not if the CUU "braintrust" knows what it's hired K9 is doing or not.

Insiders have a fiduciary responsibility and it absolutely and certainly is nowhere to be seen now.

Mr. Shepherd is, at a minimum, a complete fool. Possibly he is more crooked than most Venture scumbags would ever dare to dream.
Copper Fox Metals is fundamentally worthless and this fact has been well known to insiders for an extended period. Now that the rock solid evidence has been disclosed to the public in the form of the FS study, the Company is now openly engaging in a securities crime called fraud to illegally advance insider interests.

Those are the facts and my information is being forwarded to the BCSC today, although again, what actual good it will do is entirely unclear.
Lessons to be learned? Rely on the rubbish on public chat boards not at all because its likely insider fraud, and if the name Jason Shepherd or Phoenix Communications Group pops up, run, don't walk, for the nearest exit, you're being scammed.


Master Communicator, Metals and Mining
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada (British Columbia, Canada) Mining & Metals

No surprise of course from a "man" like Mr. Shepherd, he has also been using the supposably confidential Copper Fox contact list to tout OTHER garbage ...

"Did anyone else get this email from Jason Shepherd?

I subscribe to email updates for Copper Fox. Seems like he is using the CF email data base for his own business.
I wish he would send an update on the CF drilling!!!!! sheesh!
edgewater logo
Phoenix Communications Group
December 7th 2011

Phoenix Communications Group Inc. is pleased to initiate Corporate Communications coverage for Edgewater Wireless Inc.

Listed under the symbol "KPI" on the TSX Venture Exchange.
Get Ready For The Next Generation of Wi-fi

I want to keep this short and to the point.

"Re: Jason Shepherd?

in response to Re: Jason Shepherd? by teamjen

posted on Dec 08, 11 01:57AM (Log in to use the IP Check tool) [?]

I got the same email, was going to post it but thought I'd wait to see if anyone else reported it.

Where is the CUU privacy policy...this shouldn't be allowed to happen. Spammer.

...Edit: I have replied asking for the CUU privacy policy and telling him I don't want his spam. Anyone else who feels similarly feel free to do the same. We need CUU news, not spam.

Re: Jason Shepherd?

in response to Jason Shepherd? by teamjen

posted on Dec 08, 11 10:17AM (Log in to use the IP Check tool) [?]

to follow up:
"My apologies. My assistant had some mail merge issues last evening that have now been resolved. I assure you that I have promptly removed you from future mailings with respect to our clients other than Copper Fox.

Please excuse the inconvenience."
-- Jason Shepherd,
President and CEO
Phoenix Communications Group Inc.
(250) 717 1910 Office
(250) 212 2122 Mobile
(866) 913 1910 Toll Free
(413) 208 2132 E-Fax
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Webs is here

posted on Oct 21, 11 12:54PM
Lucky break for Agora. I think we will like the lack of bashers.

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vette350 here

posted on Oct 21, 11 10:42AM
This is vette350 , you guys gere ?
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Re: Beauty Pictures

in response toBeauty PicturesbyProspekt
posted on Nov 07, 11 10:56PM
Awesome find Prospekt. I THINK you can see drilling in this image below. This is looking directly at Mt La Casse towards the north. Schaft Cr is on the left. Mess Creek valley can be seen in the far, far distance on the right side of Mt L.
Follow along the spine of Mt Lacasse to the north. Midway between the tree line and the little snow fields on Mt. looks to me like some structures that look like drilling rigs and paraphenalia....
If it is.. It would probably be the geotech drilling for the mine rim which would be in this area.
You can see the reddish gossans in the ES zone to the left side of Mt L.
Awesome find!
Mike caught the area at its best. Some yellow and red leaves and warm autumn evening light. Schaft Creek even has some water in it.

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Re: Ernesto

in response toErnestobycuuvette350
posted on Oct 21, 11 03:11PM
I saw over 50,000 share being plucked by UBS (Ernesto).
It sure would be nice to be clear of the garbage. Cheers everyone

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Updated Capital Costs
posted on Oct 26, 11 01:15AM (Log in to use the IP Check tool) [?]

One of the huge factors in the success of the Schaft Creek project is the capital costs. Back in 2008, the cost to build Schaft Creek was estimated at $2.9 billion. However, there are two factors that have changed significantly since then. The first factor is inflation. The second factor is the increase of the mine mill rate from 100,000 tpd to 120,000 tpd (minimum).

I've done a little research and my estimate for the new capital costs is $3.8 billion. For those mathematically inclinded, see below for my explanation.

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hello cuu friends
in response to Re: Silly comments about capex abound by Prospekt
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hi, all this is stockfriend, formerly known as redhotCOAL. thought i should take the plunge because...well...gosh darn it...I missed some of you.

now that the gushy gushy is over with, looking forward to all the good ideas, perspectives and info on CUU.
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Re: Are we going to switch?

posted on Oct 22, 11 03:33PM
Hah! So this is where everyone is???? Greetings all!
George "vilare metaftia" TsiolisRecent Questions + Bans Status

posted on Dec 28, 12 02:36PM (Log in to use the IP Check tool) [?]

Good afternoon to you all and belated Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays.

Thanks for the posts over the past several days. Please find enclosed my comments as follows:

1. The current HUB Leader system is not perfect ... but it is the best system anywhere on the financial discussion forum web. Yes, HL's can abuse their power and yes, we have warned and even stripped HL's for doing so. Best thing to do is communicate with other HL's and, if that doesn't work, send us a message.

2. CUU has been inundated with some bad characters of late. It happens and only gives further credibility to our system because these guys would run wild on non-monitored sites.
More importantly, without divulging our back end monitoring, know that we are on these characters and that, in fact, it benefits us to let them run with their bands of merry men. As such, if they go unchecked for a while, there is a method to the madness.

Thanks again for all the great work you do.