Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beating a Dead Useless BCSC Horsie = Grrrr

If a body had a wish to biatch and complain into infinity and beyond one need look NO FURTHER than the BCSC for a continuous stream of offensive horsechit to get twisted over.

Today's horrid disgrace ... "BCSC panel dismisses allegations against former President and CEO of B.C. corporation"

Vancouver – A British Columbia Securities Commission panel has dismissed allegations that the former President and Chief Executive Officer of a B.C. corporation listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange engaged in market manipulation.
In a notice of hearing issued on February 28, 2012, BCSC staff alleged that Damien Edward Reynolds entered two orders in March 2010 to sell shares in Coltstar Ventures Inc, and in doing so created an artificially low price in Coltstar’s shares. Reynolds was President and CEO of Coltstar from March 2010 to January 2012, prior to which time he served on the board of directors.

In its decision, the panel dismissed the allegations, stating that “the evidence did not establish that either of Reynold’s… trades resulted in, or contributed to, an artificial price for Coltstar shares.”

And our verbalizations of grossly offended sputtering diarrhea can be summed up how? Well. Two years ago some wicked dipchit at the BCSC, one very likely motivated solely by some connected arsecrack, decided there was massive evidence of wrongdoing against the poor public over TWO FUKKIN TRADES

Our man, irregardless of culpability, has had his reputation nuclear bombed in the court of public opinion for 24 months with no appeal possible. Both he and the BCSC have incurred ridiculous legal expenses over the interim and yes again we are talking a combined large six figures for damn sure.

And even if we assume there MAY have been malfeasence where (the fuk) is the offense against the investing public as a whole? There is NADA public protection argument to be made here ... NADA.

The real sad part here is that this is absolutely NOTHING NEW. Many moons ago a highly BCSC connected dipchit named Mr. Donald Gordon initiated an investigation with his too close bum buddies at the BCSC against Mr. John B. Good. This monkey was amazed because I had been following insider trades closely and could NOT find reason enough to get terribly excited.

And in the end it was all about a whooping $ 5k in insider trades that were somehow found improper ... and this again after massive negative publicity and a combined legal bill into the stratosphere.

As one that has laid out evidence for the BCSC in excruiting detail more than once for horrid, horrid activities that represented MILLIONS in fraud against the public and gotten exactly nowhere, does one need to wonder where this amazed stupifcation comes from?

Can one really be faulted for assuming the BCSC is corrupt?