Friday, January 4, 2013

Biggest Retard(s) in the Universe Award ...

Actually its a toss-up between Mr. Jason Shepherd, chief IR dipchit of Copper Fox Metals, and Mr. Greg Morgan-Woodward of Quesnel, one of his partners in corrupt horsechit. ( - "webgogs" on Agoracom)

Both these men know their conduct has been recognized and without doubt is being watched. They also know I have very specific, very direct and COMPLETELY incontrovertible evidence of their activites. (Never actually disclosed here by the way)

Has it slowed them down at all? Readers can judge.

"Yup, high grade PM is to the north. The small brechea area we drilled started to show darn good silver. We just skimmed it. The issue there is how wide governs how deep. There could be a lot down there and it will be up to someone else to figure out how to get at it and how much they can get. 427 shows that at depth there's money. 500m down but through some payable overburden there is a system. Those shots up there indicate the potential for a profitable deposit. 426 show that only 76m needs to be removed. I think that following the halo in and around there is another deposit. Not a giant one but perhaps economic based off the proximity of the mill. The market forgets we have 7 anomalies worth investigating."

The point of the above of course, is HOW a dog breeder/surveyer in Quesnel could possibly be in possession of this kind information in the first place. The only possible way is for a continuous conduit of bullshit from a corrupt PoS working directly for the Company, who FULLY expects the horsechit to be faithfully reguritated to the public word for fukkin word.

All I can say now is take a damn bow gentlemen. If stupidity was a crime we would not be bothered with this insulting, ongoing rubbish now. I've been around for a while and if I have EVER run across mental retardation on this scale I cannot remember it.

Mr. Greg Morgan-Woodward
Yes of course and thanks to the usually useless Mark Turner at for creating the file.

Mr Turner feels the story/excuse here will be all about tax considerations, and we can pretty well make book there will half a dozen, remarkably similar posters on Agoracom spewing that rubbish as gospel truth to each other ... assuming that the topic is allowed into the Agorascam public fraud sphere at all that is.

Insiders know the score, of course a horse. (We may be able to exclude the dead dopey, 56% Copper Fox Metals owner Earnesto Enchavarria from that conclusion)