Friday, January 11, 2013

Dead Cat Carcass Bouncing

Paper goes up and paper goes down. Took some of us a long time to figure that one out. Copper Fox Metals (CUU.V) has predictibly bounced back from the precipice of complete and utter doom and now its appearing the high water mark on the DCB (Dead Cat Bounce) has been achieved.

400 million odd shares makes the market cap stupid high, and whomever it is exactly expecting a massive upside based on those truly horrid FS numbers, well, good luck.

Copper Fox Metals is a non-starter at these dopey levels and for my money I wouldn't touch this paper at virtually any level.

Naturally the retards have the answer, which is another conspiracy theory.

Instinet and Anonymous working together to shake you outposted on Jan 11, 13 03:32PM (Log in to use the IP Check tool)

Look at how Instinet sells to Anonymous and then reverse roles. They reloaded a couple of times today but appear happy to sell these frisbee shares to each other at lower and lower prices."