Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fake Walls and "The pattern" for retards

So we DO peruse the rubbish on AgoraScam, we admit this shameful fact, but only to laugh out loud at the bumpatters club as they spew sweet nothings to each other. Today on the CUU.v thread tis FUNNY as hell. The paper opens lower and a body can make book the conspiracy theorists have the explanation.

"Re: l2 games begin again.. wonder how long that fake wall lasts..
in response to l2 games begin again.. wonder how long that fake wall lasts.. by JohnnyAugust

just a matter of time until buyers realize no one is selling at those levels and they go test the 1 dollar mark again imo"

The remarkable point here of course is that these individuals are glued to every tick, every trade, every change in depth, every day all day. Do they "work"? Do they have jobs? Do they have any other purpose in their lives, at all?

This monkey has no clue whatever. One REALLY has to wonder whenever an "investment" becomes the sole reason for being as it were. If that tipping point is reached perhaps its' FAR past time to exit the deal for one's mental health.

The REASON Copper Fox Metals paper is quite untouchable is obvious. FS numbers suck wicked, wicked arse and the singular source of money to drill more holes to make them semi-economic is a dope who knows zero about mining and who has already pissed away $ 30m in the past 18 months.

Current market cap is stupid high around $ 380m and there is NO REASON to buy and EVERY reason to sell. Case closed.
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