Friday, January 18, 2013

Lori makes top spot in big ballz list

Perhaps finally feeling the heat from the fully outraged wolves howling outside her door, Lori has graciously offerred up 2 seats on the SLI.v BoD.

"In the days and weeks leading up to the meeting, management made efforts to reach a consensus with the Hastmans on the constitution on the board of directors, consisting of representatives from both camps. One of the proposals made by management prior to the meeting that the Hastman brothers join the president and the secretary of the company on the board with a fifth director to be chosen by Darcy and Gilby Hastman from the three independents recommended by management"®ion=C

Yes of course Lori, with a ridiculously paultry 9% of the votes cast at the AGM for your entire slate, (and you dead last) your highly generous gesture of goodwill and proper corporate governance has fallen flat for some unknown reason.

Summing it up quite nicely in this opinion is the response from the dissident camp.

"The concerned shareholders invited management, both before the AGM and as recently as last week, to discuss a reconstitution of the board in a way that aligns with the clearly expressed desires of the shareholders of the company to have the board consist of a majority of the dissident nominees. Management has rejected these invitations and continues to thwart the will of its shareholders and ignore their fundamental rights."®ion=C

Lori doodle, whilst some MAY have been temporarily amazed and stupified by your misconduct you have now become a massive disgrace and black eye to the securities business in Canada completely. Grotesquely sickening is being FAR too generous.

Simply put you are a fully corrupt clown who ought not be running a dog chit collection business.