Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mr. Elmer B Stewart

It is past time to take a closer gander at the role of Mr. Elmer B. Stewart in the horrific crimes being played against the public in all of this. It is under his watch, for an extended period, and what appears MULTIPLE deals that carry that moniker, that conduct grossly contrary to the public interest has and is occurring.

The real action on CUU on AgoraScam started with gusto on and around October 21, 2011 and the same goes for Mr. Stewart's Boxxer Gold (BXX.v) One knows for certain at least one of the individuals posting on both threads is a VERY close associate of Mr. Jason Shepherd.

This date may be significant. The last news of Mr. Shepherd's contract renewal is around that time of year. Previously Mr. Shepherd was granted 200,000 options @ $ .85. More work is needed to determine what his current, well earned grease is.

At an absolute minimum Mr. Elmer B Stewart has been completely and fully ignorant about the promotional goings on at BOTH his companies for at least 14 months. That is a wicked oversight with no excuses possible. It is the man's damn job after all.

Far more curious is the lack of any response whatever to the current chitstorm, where this public type has been raising a stink wherever possible. Mr. Shepherd is still gleefully running his scam in public and any retard can figure that out in 23 seconds or less. What is Mr. Elmer B. Stewart's excuse now?

Copper Fox Metals has relied exclusively and for years, on the dopiness of Earnesto Enchavarria to provide financing. There have been NO OTHERS stepping forward to throw money away on things like Mr. Stewart's salary. NONE.

Sources indicate Ernesto has obtained 24.9m shares through the last 7 PP's with an average price of $1.20. Yes citizens that is a whooping $ 30m down the fukkin tubes.

Oct 3rd: 5 Million, price: $1.35
Nov 1st: 2 Million, price: $1.35
Dec 14th: 4 Million, price: $1.22
Jan 30th: 2 million, price $1.10
Jan 23rd: Debt settlement in shares : 1.4 Million, price: $1.10
July 20th: 4 Million , price: $1.12 Sept 10th: 4.025 Million, price: $1.15
Oct 24th: 2.5 Million, price $1.15

A jaded observer may conclude Mr. Stewart's stunning ignorance has a purpose. Continued inaction in the face of the growing and obvious evidence against his PR idiot would certainly buttress that argument. We are not making claims that Copper Fox is a complete fraud, yet, although others have.

It can be said with certainty the release of truly horrid FS numbers, promised many, many times and starting at very least 18 months ago point to the growing possibility.

And here is a challenge for the amazingly obtuse Mr. Elmer B Stewart and/or one of his semi-honest hangers on. Sign up on Agoracom anonymously and post something mildly critical of CUU and see how long it and the AgoraScam profile lasts. Challenge issued Sir.