Monday, January 14, 2013

SLI results - Lori makes 10 most evil woman list

Hot on the heels of yet ANOTHER non-arms length sweetheart deal with Lori's Intigold Mines Ltd. C-IGD ... (Grrr-my-doodle don't ask, I gotta watch my blood pressure else I'll get an exploding brain hemmorage or something) the dissident camp has released the actual results of the voting.

So whats, um, the deal?


After a two-week delay, Gilby Len Hastman and Darcy Kim Hastman (the concerned shareholders) have now received the scrutineer report of St. Elias Mines Ltd. for the annual general and special meeting of shareholders of the company held on Dec. 27, 2012 (the AGM). To date, the company has not publicly announced these results.

The Report also confirms that, of the five Management nominees for directors, Lori McClenahan and Tina Whyte received, respectively, the fewest and second fewest votes cast, including by shareholders who completed white proxies for use at the AGM.

Belle Gunness was one of America’s most degenerate and productive female serial killers.

Significantly, the report discloses that management of the company (management) received approximately 6,671,436 votes at the AGM, which is in stark contrast to the 64,649,933 shares represented by the valid green proxies received by the concerned shareholders and delivered to the company for use at the AGM (please see the news release of the concerned shareholders dated Jan. 2, 2013). Therefore, the green proxies accounted for approximately 91 per cent of the total votes cast at the AGM in favour of electing the dissident nominees as directors of the company. This was a remarkable result.

Irma Grese or the “Bitch of Belsen”
There can't be much juice left in the SLI.v lemon at this rate and the regulator better find a reason to DO something damn soon else there won't be anything left to fight over.

As far as stretching the ethical bounds of rational thought to the limits and far, far beyond, well damn Lori take a bow. Without question you have the biggest set of manstones this observer has EVER seen.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory