Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dopey Curis Trumpets PEA numbers

"Curis Resources Ltd. is releasing the results of the prefeasibility study (PFS) on its Florence copper project in central Arizona, United States. The PFS report is authored by M3 Engineering & Technology Corp. (U.S.), with input from a number of other specialized and experienced consulting and advisory firms in the areas of hydrology, geology, in situ extraction, oxide metallurgy and cultural resources.

The PFS supports the findings of the company's September, 2010, preliminary economic assessment (PEA) projecting low capital and operating costs and favourable economic potential."®ion=C
Paper has recovered from the basement levels and has this observer been shown his arse on this here one? NO freaking way says I.

Spewing the sweet nothings of the impossible to achieve is well and good for those looking for live ones but that market cap is stupid high considering this here project is that close to being a complete load of near fraudulent rubbish.
This monkey will shut his banana hole either when this dopeshow comes up with a bona-fide operating permit OR when the copiously stroked fukkin bullchit ends ... whichever comes first.