Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Klondex for DipChits

We profile a lot of public companies and there are some things a body takes for granted after a while. Number one is the ultra critical presentation that not only provides required ongoing disclosure but effectively tells the Co's story to investors.

One thing a certainty is that when that presentation is ultra late, or can't be found at all, there are bound to be major troubles in the hen house. The vast, vast majority of public companies recognize the importance of this document and bend over backwards to produce them, usually quarterly.

Catalyst Global – Financial Communications Counsel
104 Fifth Avenue | 6th Floor | New York, NY | 10011
This time out we have an IR group of "professionals" based in the Big Apple deciding how things should work up here for the cheesehead peon dum dums. Instead of a simple "click" to get at that material a body needs to register with the horrid "Slideshare" for the priviledge of downloading the information.

After informing our IR types a week ago with no result whatever this is what we get today after ANOTHER reminder to get with the fukkin program ... "In light of your earlier comments we are in fact working on hosting the slideshow directly on our site."

Our PRO girly girl has been spewed at stupid and STILL can't figure it out at all. The presentation needs to be hosted on the Klondex website, nowhere else and "Slideshare" can and should get dropped completely because requiring a registration is NOT what distributing corporate public disclosure is all about. And how can we be absolutely certain? ... how about because after 600 odd public company profiles NOBODY is doing it "her" way. NOBODY.

No excuse possible for these utter freakin retards and the principle at work is dead simple. If a public company cannot accomplish the very simple things why should one believe it can possibly accomplish the difficult and complicated?