Friday, February 15, 2013

Lori McClenahan cries Wolfie AGAIN ... Update

We have our hands on the Notice of Civil Claim and are reviewing this legal masterpiece now. Film at 11:00

MURRY BRAUCHT, RICHARD JEWERS a.k.a. "SCULPIN", GILBY LEN HASTMAN, DARCY KIM HASTMAN, JOHN DOE #1,a.k.a. "Jon_Doe", JOHN DOE #2, a.k.a. "jw83jw", JOHN DOE #3, a.k.a. "Kherson", JOHN DOE #4, a.k.a."pete_rosco"; JOHN DOE #5 a.k.a. "Kemo", JOHN DOE #6, a.k.a. "molson200", JOHN DOE #7, a.k.a. "WOXOF", JOHN DOE #8, a.k.a. "Rinky", and JOHN DOE #9, a.k.a. "ldsands"
"St. Elias Mines has commenced litigation in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, along with its president and chief executive officer, Lori McClenahan, against a number of individuals for defamation, conspiracy and other causes of action. In this lawsuit, St. Elias also alleges breach of fiduciary duty by a former director. Many of the defendants are unknown individuals who have posted defamatory comments against St. Elias and Ms. McClenahan by means of pseudonyms. "

"Legal processes exist whereby the identity of such persons can be determined, and those processes will be utilized. St. Elias and Ms. McClenahan intend to pursue this litigation vigourously and seek all available remedies, including damages."
So whats our dopey, ridiculous count of legal threats now? Truth be told even this observer will need to check the record to be absolutley sure. I believe tis the 6th outta Lori's fully dopey hole, pfffft.
We said it last time and we are saying it again now ... bring it here Lori you insulting pompus arse.