Friday, February 8, 2013

SLI dissidents file high court petition ...

"Gilby Len Hastman and Darcy Kim Hastman (the concerned shareholders) have filed a petition for oppression with the B.C. Supreme Court against St. Elias Mines Ltd. and against Donald Bastien, Robert Krause, Lori L. McClenahan, Paul McDonald and Tina Whyte (the management nominees).

As the concerned shareholders announced in news releases dated Jan. 14, 2013, and Jan. 17, 2013, an overwhelming majority of the company's shareholders voted green proxies in favour of electing Gilby Hastman, Darcy Hastman, Ted E.R. Rutherglen, James E. Rainbird and Richard Alexander Defreitas (the dissident nominees) as the directors of the company at the annual general meeting of the company held on Dec. 27, 2012 (the AGM). However, the green proxies were rejected by Ms. McClenahan, acting as chair at the AGM.®ion=C
So once again our British Columbia Securities Commission proves itself as "good" for absolutely less than fuk all, even in the face of the most outrageous offense against the public interest AND with an issue of critical importance to ALL members of the investing public moving forward ... the fundamental right to vote equity shares as we are entitled to under law.

One thing absolutely dead certain here. Had our cowboys continued to foolishly assume the BCSC had any interest in meeting its screaming mandate anytime this generation the entire company would be quite looted stupid. At least now it is only mostly looted stupid.

And bloody damn Geeze Louise this story should be a wicked lesson to anybody on this planet to avoid the sick joke that is securities regulation anywhere under BCSC jurisdiction. The only remedy available is to bypass those wicked tits completely and cry to the high court for very expensive justice.