Sunday, March 10, 2013

AgoraScam for dummies and CUU.v Redux

The many offensive troubles with the GreekTard's AgoraScam ( have been documented here in stomach turning detail before of course, along with this monkey's MANY well founded misgivings about the highly overcapped Copper Fox Metals (CUU.v) Put the two halves together and what the public gets is 24/7/365 censorship of every fact of significance.

While most of us are waiting on the near certain fact Teck will be walking away from this white elephant, the censor corp on AgoraScam are knocking themselves out at the public's peril. Today we attempted to describe the rock solid relationship between LME copper inventories and the price of copper.

As most of us know its nearly a perfect direct inverse relationship. High inventories mean a falling commodity price. LME copper inventories have been rising exponentially and naturally copper prices have been squashed lately.

That manner of self evident truth is HIGHLY verbotten by the 24/7 censortards at AgoraScam and is removed without delay. THIS is the true character of horrid scumbag populating the AgoraScam website. The public is getting screwed daily by immoral chiteaters and this monkey has every reason to believe it's very likely still being directed by the CUU IR idiot.

And we aren't talking about an insignificant factor here either. The current "conservative" base case, (that sucks anus) assumes copper at $ 3.25. In the past 30 days copper has fallen from $ 3.80 to $ 3.50 with the trend very definately downward.

Another month like the last and even the pretention of economic is blasted to krapity pooh. This is a white elephant with copper at $ 3.80 and for 1000% guaranteed damn sure its a massive white elephant at $ 3.50 or less.

There was a near collapse in copper in early 2009 and LME inventories are only slightly lower now than they were then. At this rate inventories will exceed those from 2009 and the price of copper has nowhere to go but down.

Moral of our tale? Sometimes it sure as chit ain't rocket science and Copper Fox absolutely, positively qualifies. The paper is untouchable and the fact there are confirmed idiots spewing otherwise while censoring the truthful facts on AgoraScam, well, case bloody closed for damn sure. To join that club of utter scumbags is to lose your money, pure and simple.

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Re: Copper under severe pressure

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When copper inventories rise the price goes down. Its very simple.
Another month like the last, which appears more likely than not and copper prices will be nearly at the "base case" of $ 3.25