Friday, March 15, 2013

Copper Fox - Lundin says buy, buy, buy, errr SELL !!!

Posing that question of the ages ... who actually listens to the dead dopey, useless "ANALysts", we have a superior blurb from Stockwatch regarding the touts from Mr. Brien Lundin ...

"Brien Lundin, in the February, 2013, edition of the Gold Newsletter, says sell Copper Fox Metals Inc., recently 80 cents. Mr. Lundin said buy four times between March, 2006, and August, 2008, at prices ranging from 37.5 cents to $1.14. He said sell in July, 2009, at nine cents.

Assuming an investment of $1,000 for each buy, selling the $4,000 position at nine cents yielded a loss of $3,364. Mr. Lundin said buy again in August, 2011, at $1.75 and in March, 2012, at $1.34. Assuming a $1,000 investment for each new buy, selling the $2,000 position at 80 cents yields a loss of $976.

In December, 2012, Copper Fox released a feasibility study for its Schaft Creek project (British Columbia), which estimates a net present value of $513-million.

Mr. Lundin says the NPV is not high enough to attract a financier, especially since the payback period is a long 6.5 years, and the lead time is also long at seven years. The editor says Schaft Creek is a large-enough asset for an entity looking to secure copper supplies for several generations -- an entity like China. Unfortunately it will take too long to develop the project and then start making money from it, especially under current market conditions. Mr. Lundin says sell the stock."