Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Erwin Speckert busted for $ 1.3m in cash

Apparently the splaining done by Mr. Erwin Speckert wasn't enough to stop authorities from deciding the funds were proceeds of crime.

"B.C. Securities Commission target Erwin Speckert has been criminally charged after he was found carrying $1.3-million in a backpack at a Greyhound terminal in Winnipeg. RCMP say that they received a call to attend the terminal in February, 2012, when they discovered Mr. Speckert carrying the money in $100 bills. He was at the terminal for a stopover on his way to Vancouver.

Mr. Speckert was released with no charges at the time, but on Feb. 26, 2013, prosecutors in Winnipeg charged him with possession of proceeds of crime, trafficking in proceeds of crime, possession for the purpose of trafficking in proceeds of crime and laundering of proceeds of crime. He turned himself in to police on Friday, March 25, and after a court appearance was released.
The appearance was subject to a publication ban. Several Winnipeg media outlets reported his arrest on Monday, with the Winnipeg Free Press saying that the money was allegedly the proceeds of illegal gaming in Ontario.