Saturday, March 30, 2013

Major Problems in FAU.v land? - duh

So the creditor installed management dorks have wreaked their dopey magic and damn what a surprise, there are MAJOR problems in the henhouse for some completely unexplained reason.

Despite the bestus core ever seen by a monkey on planet earth this dopeshow STILL can't get at the rock for some obvious yet completely undisclosed reason ... i.e. the rock is below the natural water table.
"While the company has made progress in its efforts to become cash-flow positive and has markedly improved its gold production over the course of the past year, this progress has been interrupted by certain events beyond the company's control. As a result, the pace of progress has been insufficient to generate the sustained productions levels necessary to achieve commercial production to date in fiscal 2013. In particular, the company's milling throughput for February and March has been negatively impacted by continued inclement weather, logistical challenges relating to air deliveries of key production supplies and fuel, and unscheduled downtime for equipment repair of the Larox filter, secondary cone crusher and ball mill motor. In the current fiscal year, the company's cash flows have also been hindered by certain liabilities that arose from reconciling concentrate shipments from the second quarter of fiscal 2012.®ion=C

"While these liabilities have been successfully resolved by the company, this resolution did negatively impact current fiscal year cash flows."

This grotesque public offense has been a scam since day bloody one and this monkey has documented EVERY disgusting turn. Sometimes it sure as chit AIN'T rocket science folks.