Tuesday, March 5, 2013

McPhie Horsechit ... CUV.t - Update

Hot off the presses today is news that Florence Town Council has authorized the acquisition of private land owned by Curis through eminent domain for the purported purpose of a waste water treatment facility.


This latest salvo once again points out with clarity exactly how determined residents are to NOT have their very precious water resources permanently corrupted. This Company is an outrageous fraud and I say this openly and without any problems whatever. Without question these brainiacs know damn well any IS operation using potable water acquifers in a developed area won't fukkin fly ... notwithstanding a zillion bucks from complete idiot Red Kite to buy the contrary.

This paper is 100% worthless, fully untouchable and an insult to anyone taking the time to truly dig out the rock solid facts.

"Florence Copper represents the safest and most technologically advanced way to get copper out of the ground," said Michael McPhie, President and CEO of Curis Resources Ltd. "Our new video is part of a wider effort to engage with and educate the public about how in-situ copper recovery works, and outline how Florence Copper can make a profound near-term contribution to the economic and social well-being of Florence, Pinal County and the state of Arizona."


Utter insulting lies is what this propaganda is, but lets leave that barfing judgement to those able to stomach it shall we?

Thank God for the Micheal McPhies of the world to "educate" us damn dummies all about ISCR eh?

I'll say it again. 14 day BHP test holes drilled a dozen years ago and rinsed for fukkin years STILL show grotesque "exceedances" because ... wait for it, the rock is fully loaded with radiochemicals that WILL, 1000% guaranteed, corrupt the groundwater and water tables for many thousands of years around Florence.