Sunday, March 3, 2013

Public Company Tard Award for March

Believe it or not citizens We have a weinner for March already in our monthly "Public Company Tard" award contest.

Lets put our incredulous hands together once again for extreme value creationist guru Mr. Steve Brunelle of Amerix Precious Metals (APM.v) We believe here at Neer Do Well that Mr. Brunelle has that special whatever it takes exactly to monopolize our award consecutively for decades to come. Thats errrrr, great.
The precise same trademarked image of a chit terrible hockey team on the stakeholder paid for presentation unchanged yet AGAIN and WTF?

This grotesque incompetence is just too much to bear witnessing, but are we just being mean to the brilliant Mr. Brunelle because he doesn't read our cool blog?

Well if this is some secret marketing weapon unknown to modern science and the securities business it is failing mightily as the paper is barely bid at historic lows.
How about this stupidity is the unmistakable massive blue flag stench that the Company is being managed by hopeless drooling mental deficient dorkuses?

Going for seven straight months now and for my money even said massive drooling retarded types would have suspected a problem.