Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bieber Monkeyless?

It was a black day for Neer Do Wellian Royalty Justin Bieber.

"JUSTIN Bieber has asked German authorities to find a new home for his quarantined pet monkey Mally. The pop star’s management have asked authorities to find a "safe and sheltered place, or a zoo" for the baby monkey, which was taken from its mother at just a few weeks, The Sun reports.

The tiny Capuchin monkey has been keep in quarantine since it was seized from Bieber, who tried to bring it into Germany without any paperwork or health certificates on March 28. The monkey was a 19th birthday gift from a music producer friend of Bieber's, and was taken from its mother at just nine weeks - which experts say is far too young.

Bieber has been given until May 17 to claim Mally or give him up to be rehomed. He recently thanked the animal clinic looking after Mally for their help, but has not made any plans about its future, Bild reports.