Tuesday, April 16, 2013

J Frank claims V for Victory

The pre-party keggar is getting warmed up right now in the J Frank camp whilst the battle for control of the good ship Barkerville Gold is all but over save the formality of the AGM.

Any hopeless retard knows Supreme Court deadlines are mucho important and one from a court order? Wowsers. 7 odd million shares money bags Mr. Rex Harbour is fortunate to have even one seat on the BoD. Geeze. My dog's arse could have waged a more effective proxy battle.

This here exercise points out why every PoS Venture deal is rushing for those nifty "advance notice policy" thingys.

"Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. has defeated a court application by shareholder Rex Harbour, in which Mr. Harbour had complained that the company rejected one of his board nominees for no good reason. A judge has found that Mr. Harbour submitted the nomination too late for it to be effective. A prior court order had given Mr. Harbour until March 4 to submit his nominees, but he did not meet that deadline."