Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Non-stop Curis bullchit insults - Update

Naturally the motivation of the town of Florence in the dropping of a singular lawsuit (of many) has NOTHING TO DO with making the Curis path to permanently destroying their acquifer easier. Far from it actually. This disgusting management spewing complete horsechit at every possible turn SHOULD BE warning enough to stay far away from these damn corrupt arseholes.

"CASA GRANDE, Ariz. — Florence has agreed to lift its ordinance banning commercial use of large quantities of sulfuric acid, a measure that was part of the town’s ongoing attempt to block Curis Resources’ planned copper mining project.

The company had sued Florence over the acid ban approved last August, and Town Attorney James Mannato says Florence could continue fighting Curis on other fronts if it avoided a court fight over the ban.

The other fronts include a lawsuit in which Florence is among plaintiffs challenging the state Department of Environmental Quality’s authority to grant a permit for Curis’ project.

According to the Casa Grande Dispatch (http://bit.ly/16KBYvg ), Mannato says the lawsuit will result in a lengthy review of the permit."

"Curis Resources Ltd. acknowledged today a vote by the Florence Town Council at a regularly scheduled council meeting on April 1, 2013, to rescind town ordinance No. 583-12 concerning the use and storage of sulphuric acid within town limits."

"The removal of this Ordinance allows the company to continue preparations for the start of construction and operations of the Phase 1 Production Test (PTF) facility, allowing the Company to demonstrate the safe operation of in-situ techniques and water safeguards," stated Dan Johnson, Vice President, Environment and Technical Services and General Manager with Curis in Arizona. Johnson added, "Curis is awaiting approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for an Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit for the Florence Copper Project PTF. We anticipate the EPA will issue the final operating permit for the PTF in the near future."

Always looking for any opportunity to spew the sweet bloody nothings of a grossly overpaid corporate propaganda dipchit, Mr. Michael McPhie continues the tradition of spewing utter, utter stupidity for the masses.

"We look to this decision as a positive first step towards building a more constructive relationship between Curis and the Town of Florence" commented Michael McPhie, President and CEO of Curis. "We remain committed to an open and transparent dialogue with the residents and the Town and look forward to the opportunity to continue to invest in the community, provide meaningful employment opportunities for locals and contribute to the quality of life of Florence, Pinal County and the State of Arizona."
This dopeshow is getting too much. Un fukkin real is the very self-evident FACT that this grotesquely dumbassed concept will NEVER fly in this lifetime and the fact we have paid whores bending over backwards spewing complete nonesense to the contrary proves it. A body examining Mr. McPhies's large and growing body of insulting lies would find they really haven't changed that much in the past 18 months.

These falsehoods look to continue for the foreseeable future, or until the complete dopes Red Kite run out of money for these retards, whichever comes first.