Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Keir Reynolds' Personality Cult - Update

Well Thank God, its appearing the brainstormers behind Abbastar Resources have finally decided to serve the Lord's interests instead of their own. Awesome new Venture scumbag promoter approach. Brings tears to these eyes, truly ...

God Bless you Keir Reynolds and are we talking Messiah status here yet er what? (pffft my doodle)
Lets say howdy do to Mr. Keir Reynolds, career Venture promoter and proud of it in massive spades by golly.

Our man is the "new" brains behind the new and improved Abbastar Resources (ABA.V), and I'll be a monkey's uncle if I can see any difference between this brainstorm of the century OR the chitty old one of massive proven securities K9 Mr. Patrick Lavin. Some dopey spin-out of worthlessness is supposed to make everybody filthy rich somehow. Riiiiiiight.

More recent claim to fame is as IR guru at Newstrike Capital (NES.v) and most recently Blackheath Resources (BHR.v). Yes indeed folks, Mr. Jason Shepherd has been quite rightfully relieved of his BHR responsibilities and we now know Ernesto Echavarria is involved in BHR.v (In a minor way, so far)
Whenever the "Coffintrader" offense hit the wires one's jaw dropped appropriately when seeing "Coffintrader" plastered prominently all over Mr. Reynolds' website. (
The first assumption (right or wrong) anyone would make is that "Coffintrader" was somehow involved with Mr. Keir Reynolds and the manipulation of NES.v and BHR.v. THAT manner of tar baby syndrome is a nightmare for any public company and is 100% unacceptable from the IR dope who should fukking know much better. After MULTIPLE e-mails to Mr. Reynolds did the man see any problems anywhere?

Well, apparently not because nothing changed for 3 days until this monkey directed an e-mail to NES.v outlining the obvious problem of wicked dirty name association coming directly from their IR "professional".

We admit to having a bias against self-aggrandizing retards who feel they are doing the world a favour by posting their dopey mugs everywhere. Mr. Reynolds is absolutely one of those, and that means he very likely prefers spewing nonesense as opposed to listening to the truth. It is this opinion Mr. Reynolds has already surpassed the limit of his competence and his workload needs to be reduced forthwith ... he has more than enough total Venture krap to tend as it is. OBVIOUSLY