Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things heating up in Barkerville Gold Land

Right on freakin cue and with a score of days to go before the showdown AGM the players will apparently be marching into British Columbia Supreme court again. (Tee Hee and LoL)

"Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. shareholder Rex Harbour says he is concerned the company will not allow one of his director nominees, Andrew Gustajtis, to be a candidate at its upcoming annual general meeting. Mr. Harbour, who controls 7.1 per cent of the company's shares, has filed an application in the Supreme Court of British Columbia asking that the courts instruct Barkerville to allow Mr. Gustajtis to be a candidate. He claims there is no clear reason to disallow him.

Mr. Harbour's request is contained in a court application he filed on April 5, less than two weeks before Barkerville's April 16 annual general meeting. He says that on March 13 he proposed Mr. Gustajtis and another man, Michael Steele, for election at the meeting. The company, however, only included Mr. Steele's name in its proxy materials, and not that of Mr. Gustajtis.®ion=C
And holy Lori-our-Doodles where have we heard talk of disallowed nominees and presumably disallowed voting too? This here load of krap is shaping up EXACTLY like the SLI fiasco and after better than 3 months the regulator has still "done" exactly fuk all about that un.

Makes a body wonder all right. J. Frank is plenty of things but stupid ain't one of em. Apparently the "REAL" 43-101 is getting close and J. Frank needs to be well and truly entrenched when she hits the fan.