Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mark Turner - Rio Alto Mining (RIO.t) revisited

Yet another of our amazing prognostications is coming to pass and this time we are miffed because ALL our semi-brilliant analyst type guruism ain't needed any more at all as the co has very surprisingly spilled the beans with completely unmistakable clarity.

"Total production cost for the year is forecast to be in the range of $1,200 to $1,300 per ounce ..." And since our spot for gold is $ 1388.00 Mr. Alex Black has basically said things will be going downhill, and that conclusion is boosted by the fact production is on the decline as well.
Nada rocket science yet again citizens. Once those oxides are finished this equity won't be worth touching at virtually any level.
And do take another bow Mr. Mark Turner at Incakola .... Yet ANOTHER piss poor call foisted on his sheeple and God only knows who exactly is listening to that horrid proven K9. Marky, you are carving out a place right beside the Grandichs of this world.

Moral of today's tale? An astute punter type will ALWAYS monitor insider trading because without question the problems are represented by sales of insiders ... not the copious insulting horsechit from their fully entrenched spew holes.

Insiders bailed at the top here and good on them I suppose. RIO.t is now case closed.