Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bad News is actually Good News - NOT.v

Another AgoraScam poster boy for continuous censorship, this time Noront Resources (NOT.v) has released "News" in response to Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF.n)walking from the "Ring of Fire" and damn it is ... from the SOUNDS of it this is the best thing to happen to NOT stakeholders since the invention of the paper clip.


Noront Resources Ltd.'s plans for the development of its deposits in the Ring of Fire have not changed in light of the announcement made by Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. to temporarily suspend its environmental assessment activities for its chromite project in the Ring of Fire. Noront has continuously developed alternative plans, including the use of an east-west corridor, if the planned north-south access route proposed by Cliffs does not materialize."
"In addition to supporting a north-south access route, Noront has always supported an east-west alternative approach for the development of the Ring of Fire that balances first nations objectives, the environment and job growth. We're confident this alternative will be attractive to each level of government, the local communities and the people who will benefit from this sensible approach to stimulating development in the Ring of Fire," said Paul Parisotto, Noront's chairman and interim chief executive officer. "We believe this offers a great opportunity for the private sector, first nations and governments to work together to ensure the Ring of Fire can be developed in a responsible and timely way." The alternative route for an all-weather road to the Ring of Fire, which will include access for non-mine traffic from local communities, balances first nation objectives, the environment and jobs in a responsible manner, and will allow for the early development of the high-grade nickel deposits in the Ring of Fire. The proposed route, an east-west all-weather corridor, would build upon existing winter roads to minimize environmental impact and cost. As a result, this routing would also directly benefit four Matawa First Nations, and can be developed in a more timely fashion. It is expected this route could be expanded to support further developments in the Ring of Fire."

Blah Blah Blah fukkin Blah Blah and the grossly insulting hot air from horrid worthless Venture chit in the face of the obvious is the surest sign possible to get out and stay out. The fact there are multiple full time retards attempting to pump and censor this garbage paper every single day on AgoraScam pretty well sums it up too.