Thursday, June 6, 2013

Copper Fox "news" insults completely

The Copper Fox juggernaut just keeps on rolling and now appears to be one of those slug-like Venture offenses that entrap and guarantee public types will lose their money in perpetuity.

Lets whallow in this dopey verbal diarhea masterpiece for a very short and disgusting while shall we?

Copper Fox Metals Inc. has provided an update on the Schaft Creek project. Discussions are continuing between the company and Teck Resources Ltd. regarding Teck's back-in to the Schaft Creek property. Discussions with Teck commenced following the company's completion of a National Instrument 43-101 technical report pertaining to a feasibility study on the Schaft Creek mineral deposit. As disclosed in the company's news release dated Feb. 4, 2013, the feasibility study has been filed and is available on SEDAR. There can be no assurance that the discussions with Teck will lead to Teck exercising any of its earn-back options, nor that the company and Teck will enter into a definitive joint venture agreement as contemplated under the Teck option agreement.®ion=C

And what do we take away from this complete fukkin nonesense?

Very simple I suppose. The 120 day back-in period has expired and Teck has walked. Is that spelled out? Of course not, thats not how worthless paper is continuously flipped out to the public. Copper Fox has been an overcapped joke for YEARS while a highly organized cadre have been systematically censoring every negative word. If that ain't a good enough reason to leave this terrible horrid chit alone a million highly insulting NRs wouldn't matter either.