Friday, June 28, 2013

Crap-Ex - CEV.v has super big plans ...

Led by the TOTALLY arsesome Mr. Brett Matich and his birds of a very common feather Mr. Graham "Punchy" Harris and Andrew Bowering, the terrible threesome will have everybody and their flea bitten mongrel believe they are sitting on billions of the good stuff.

Only a paultry and highly insignificant $6b stands between the terrible threesome and another of their massive successes. Frankly this citizen wouldn't lend this group a single-ply tissue to wipe their horrid dirty tri-bumholes, let alone $ .03 fukkin cents.
"Cap-Ex has a current inferred iron ore resource of 7.8 billion tonnes at 29 per cent total iron and 18.4 per cent magnetic iron. The PEA was based on only the first 30 years of production, which will require the processing of only 1.9 billion tonnes at 28.8 per cent total iron and 18.6 per cent magnetic iron. The mineral resource estimate is based on a cut-off grade of 10 per cent magnetic iron.

Highlights of the PEA study include:

Initial capital disbursement of $4.185-billion for the construction (leading to the start-up) of the first production line and required infrastructure and total capital costs of $5.979-billion for the construction of the two production lines. This includes $2.275-billion for the pellet plant and excludes closure costs, sustaining capital and leased equipment and facilities;
"The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to a non-brokered private placement announced April 15, 2013. Shares: 20.73 million
Price: 10 cents
Warrants: 20.73 million share purchase warrants to purchase 20.73 million shares
Exercise price: 20 cents for a two-year period

Placees: 32

Insiders: Graham Harris 2.4 million; Bowering Holdings Ltd. (Andrew Bowering) two million; Mardu Investments Ltd. (Brett Matich) one million; Sunrise Drilling Ltd. (Graham Harris, Andrew Bowering and Brett Matich) 2.25 million; 833351 Canada Inc. (Francois Laurin) 750,000; Cape Iron Consulting Inc. (Brian Penney) 500,000; Paul Bozoki 500,000®ion=C
Bid is $ .09 and this total chit hasn't ignited the public's imagination for some reason, even with the boyos own precious dough. Go figure. By my calculations this rock bottom dough MIGHT last a few weeks for these amazing slug-like offenses.

An astute type will notice the boyos set up a drilling company to better juice public dopes too. For the record I believe it should be "Mandu Investments". Good luck boyotards ... you all will be needing a massive large supply of COMPLETE retards this time.