Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Curis Resources revisited - CUV.t

Its far past time to ask ourselves where all that nifty CUV.t copper concentrate is at. Whereas this management seems to have great skills in reworking every old falsehood into a new and improved "Phase I" brainchitstorm, the bottom line here is that basically fuk all has been happening at Florence Copper and odds are far better than average things will stay that way as multi-millions more evaporates into the either.

We here at Neer Do Well have a theory. The entire premise of ISCR while threatening a public acquifier is NEVER gonna happen in this fukkin lifetime. The entire concept is so repulsive as to be entirely a "non-starter" and that is clear to anyone involved enough to understand the facts.

Notwithstanding the grossly obvious, its not for anyone to say Curis can't pretend while blowing multi-millions, for years if necessary. There we go citizens ... that is what this horrid, horrid paper represents.

Curis Closes CAD $6 Million Private Placement Financing - 14-May-13

Curis Resources Ltd. ("Curis" or the "Company") (TSX: CUV) announces that it has completed the previously announced CAD $6 million non-brokered private placement of 6,818,182 common shares in the capital of Curis at a price of CAD $0.88 per share.

Yes well there's a sucker born every minute and they don't come much bigger than $ .88 per share. Appears to me to be an instant $ 1.8m haircut butt what do we know eh?