Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fire River Gold (FAU.v) suspends operations, finally


Fire River Gold Corp. has commenced the process of placing its Nixon Fork gold mine on care and maintenance. A core team will remain at the mine site to maintain the infrastructure.

The company is taking this action until a revised operating plan has been developed and market conditions improve. In the interim, the board will run a strategic process and consider and evaluate all options with respect to the Nixon Fork property.®ion=C
Half a cent bid and there ain't a poochie here who never heard it first at Neer Do Well about 2 years ago. UNREAL is what this ridiculous fraud is and was. A body can't motivate the BCSC for love nor damn, fukkin money and fuk me the company ADMITTED IN BLACK AND WHITE its disclosure was whacked and we STILL couldn't move the BCSC one iota.

"It should be noted that a series of PEAs on processing the tailings and resuming underground mining all returned VERY good numbers, numbers that were and are being breathlessly regurgitated by both Fire River Gold and PFN. These extremely bullish projections rely 100% on the ore being mineable, and that critical factor was NEVER disclosed with the numbers, or in the studies themselves for that matter.

Despite these many hints and clues the first real evidence and admission from Fire River Gold came on May 16, 2011.
    The Company finally admitted in a news release to having the Golder Associates study the entire time.
It is incomprehensible how an engineering report that addresses a critical mining issue to the Company’s flagship property CANNOT be considered highly material and requiring disclosure. The contents of this report REMAIN undisclosed.

On June 17, 2011 another directed me to material filed on the CNQ database. (Fire River Gold was initially listed on the CNQ)

This material is a geological report that explains in exacting clarity the water table problems at Nixon Fork and is dated August 22, 2009. Upon yet another review of Sedar I did, eventually, find the document. It was filed at the same time as at least 7 other documents. It truly was equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack and in my opinion that’s exactly what the intent was. At this point I simply cannot continue to watch the public get completely screwed without taking the time and effort to complain about the matter to the BCSC. This is outrageous and insulting … first that a career promoter spanked numerous times by the BCSC has no fear of consequences whatsoever and secondly, from the available evidence, it appears others have no qualms about it either as long as they stand to profit.