Saturday, July 27, 2013

Agorascam Censors for CopperFoxTards

So how has the 100% predictable sewering of Copper Fox paper affected the 24/7/365 scammers on the CUU thread at AgoraScam?

Well, hardy har, silence has become very golden as we have the "perfect" AgoraScam censoring retard to consider. "generaledger" - generaledger has been a member since October 22, 2011 (yes indeed the same time as the rest of the "gang") and has made 2400 posts in 20 months for an average of 4 posts per day.

Here's what our genius guru censor dipchit had to say starting out in Oct, 2011 ...

"At the risk of being labelled a pumper, I've always been partial to $12. a share in value( 23. 35% interest +spinco?+non-Teck properties). on a deal which consumates before late spring 2012, which I figured would be the max. 120 day term. I have great faith in Ernesto's patience and Elmer's geo savvy and very much like the fact that the decision to sell or mine will be made without regard to the non-insider shareholders like me who basically are more concerned with making a dollar. I can wait 3-4 years to become a multi-millionaire if I absolutely have to."
Well the bid today is $ .49 and it's THIS bloody damn proven loser/retard/paid idiot who still has control over every frikkin syllable on AgoraScam and that pretty well sums up the GreekTards and the AgoraScam completely.