Monday, July 8, 2013

Curis (CUV.t) lands TIP - Horrid BullChit - Update.

After some "minor changes" this ridiculous clownshow has gleefully spewed today about the receipt of a TIP. (Temporary Injection Permit)
Whoop Dee Fukkin Doo the co now has permission to drill 3 collection test wells (and 21 monitoring wells) that will be used exclusively to provide data for the full permit. And what will this testing reveal? It will reveal, and very quickly, that the ore is loaded with radiochemicals and it WILL corrupt the water tables around Florence of thousands of years.
"the receipt of our final phase 1 operating permit from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is a significant validation of the engineering and safety of the Florence copper project and another important milestone for the company," said Michael McPhie."

Like hell it does. It validates the fact this 1000% retarded project is never gonna fly. One of Mr. McPhie's favourite lines is how "gentle" it is and how the solution is much like vinegar. The raffinate is being pumped at high pressure and it is recycled. By the time it's supposably ready for processing it will be as hot as uranium because, duh, its chock full of radiochemicals and it is being refined to even higher levels through the ISCR process.

And gee whiz. Previous testing lasted all of 2 weeks and dollars to donuts thats all its gonna take again. And what happened there again? Oh yeah those holes were rinsed for years and some are STILL severely whacko. (after 14 odd years)
Dan Johnson. "ADEQ is the agency responsible for ensuring the protection of Arizona's water quality, and they have done just that with this permit."

Quite true. They won't allow these wicked large securities miscreants to operate an ISCR on top of a public acquifer and all we have to do now is wait (probably years) for the actual results of this pilot test to be released to finally shut these tools up. There is absolutely no doubt about the outcome here. Zero.®ion=C