Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dead Copper Fox bouncing - "spirit of the 2002 option agreement"

Just when we thought it was not possible to further insult our severely beaten collective intelligences, Mr. Elmer Stewart has done it again.

"Copper Fox Metals Inc. has formed a joint venture with Teck Resources Ltd. to further explore and develop the Schaft Creek project located in northwestern British Columbia, Canada.

"This partnership is a key milestone for Copper Fox Metals and reflects the spirit of the 2002 option agreement with Teck," said Elmer Stewart, president and chief executive officer of Copper Fox. "We are pleased to have Teck as our partner and look forward to the next phase of our relationship. The terms of the Schaft Creek joint venture agreement reflect the advanced stage of the project, and with Teck's expertise in the development and operation of large mining projects and strong commitment to responsible mining, we are confident the Schaft Creek project will continue to benefit the Tahltan people, local communities and shareholders. "®ion=C
"The spirit of the 2002 option agreement" is an outrageous lie because the "new and improved" sure as chit does NOT look anything like the original. In fact, the details seem to spell out the fact that Teck has locked up 75% of this dopey property for many, many years with a paultry $ 20m ... which is but a tiny, tiny fraction of the mountain of dough blown already.

Basically, and we are not kidding here at all, CUU has more or less walked away from the entire project for less than peanuts.

This horrid krap is a waste of capital and anybody impressed with the unending lying horsechit from the likes of Mr. Stewart and his paid whores needs a brain enema and the sooner the better.