Friday, August 9, 2013

CFA - Chartered Fraud Artist - UPDATE

This appears our guy all dressed up in a nice suit with a CFA type scowl. According to O-Desk ( Mr. Eremia has been a CFA since 2009 and is prepared to work for $ 16.67 per hour.

Without much question our Venture chitbag toutsters are recruiting whatever CFA "talent" they can get, even if it's based in Chisinau, Moldova. Begs the question how much of the $ 7k in grease made it to Mr. Eremia.

And OMG just LOOK at the dopes run to SCM.v paper today for some strange and unknown reason. Even Mr. Gregory Sparks must be shocked and surprised. Could it be that $ 7k in grease is paying dividends already?

One sure doesn't have to look far for propaganda extolling the massive virtues and unquestioning ethics of anybody holding the CFA Charter. (Chartered Financial Analyst) - "CFA Institute holds the investment community to the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and professional excellence. It’s the core of our mission and everything we do."

"It also emphasizes the highest ethical and professional standards."
Lets meet the highly experienced CFA Mr. Vitalie Eremia. Mr. Eremia recently penned a long and highly ridiculous tout of Mr. Gregory Spark's Sacre-Coeur Minerals - SCM.v, reguritating the precise same Venture horsechit of Mr. Sparks verbatum. Of course Mr. Eremia's highly valuable opinion isn't coming for free, it cost SCM.v $ 7,000.
Lets ask ourselves HOW OLD Mr. Eremia is. Well, I'd say 18, tops. There is no degree requirement to become a CFA. There is a "self-reporting" requirement that any retard must have 4 years of work experience in securities. It takes two years to obtain the CFA charter. So the highly qualified Mr. Eremia began his impressive career at age 12?
And is this simply a "one off"? Well that seems unlikely because the LAST horrid fraudulent tout from a CFA came with St Elias Mines where the CFA saw a rosey future and a market cap over half a fukkin billion as no problemo and this from a co with no assets whatever.

"The Mining Stock Report has initiated coverage of St. Elias Mines with a Speculative Buy recommendation with a target price of $3.50. The report was prepared by James Darcell, C.F.A."

THAT highly ethical tout cost SLI.v shareholders $ 15,000. SLI is $ .045 bid and street word is of a massive SLI.v money laundering conspiracy. Lets hear some more about CFAs shall we? "Our community, including practitioners, professors, regulators, charterholders, and employers, is making a difference in the investment industry. "

Yes indeed. Sheeple can look forward to a CFA stamp of approval on the next Venture scumbag promotion for sure, and thats what I call "making a difference" all fukkin right.