Thursday, August 15, 2013

J Frank unveils master plan for world domination

And didn't we suppose that J Frank has had PLENTY of time to formulate that grotesquely evil design?

"Mr. Frank Callaghan reports


Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. has provided a project update on its Gold Quartz, Bonanza Ledge and historic Island Mountain mine projects near Wells, B.C., and the QR mine near Quesnel, B.C. The company is working toward completing recommendations put forward in the technical report dated Dec. 31, 2012 (see news release dated June 19, 2013).
Lets simply skip the ridiculous hot air (of which there is plenty) and cut to the Barkervillian chase. J Frank figures the public should be stunned stupid about old core and holy chit man there are ALREADY copious milestones being achieved ... don't be ridiculous. Unfortunately J Frank's master plan MAY involve " ... such options as debt financing, forward gold sales or a gold streaming agreement."

Translation? J Frank is gonna raid the equity stupid and we already have the perfect example in the Sprott dough which is coming at some totally insane rate ... should one be brave enough to figure it out.
J. Frank's massive new plan will be good for J. Frank, and chit terrible for anybody stupid enough to be holding BGM paper.

After many, many years of the same one wonders mightily how he KEEPS doing it.®ion=C