Monday, September 16, 2013

Keir Reynolds revisited = LoL

So its past time to check in on our near hero Keir Reynolds and whats the latest?

Well, there's a "world class" something in the works. Pfffft. Our new junk enterprise moniker is GLENMARK CAPITAL CORP - GLM.v


Glenmark Capital Corp.'s board has initiated a strategic review of its current mineral assets as well as several potential project acquisitions. Over the past several months the company has seen a number of interesting projects become available. The board will spend the next few weeks continuing to review a few of the most attractive projects that have come available with a view to potentially sign an option agreement. The board feels that the addition of a new project combined with its current mineral assets could allow it to develop a work program for the coming spring/summer 2014, that could provide significant shareholder value. The company is excited to take this critical step toward potentially operating a world-class project.

Glenmark plans to provide regular updates on its progress in evaluating and potentially acquiring additional projects, as well as developing a work program for the coming year."
What a bloody damn joke. The co is dopey too.