Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nada Presentations for PhatHeads - CMI.v

Lets say howdy do to Mr. Drew Klein chief dorkus in charge of "Director, International Business Development" at C-Com Satellite Systems Inc.

Some may note that name in our "Stoxx Report". Yeah well this juggernaught has made it very and too clear it has NO intention whatsoever of producing the obligatory Corporate Presentation. Fuk that and we are dropping CMI.v without any further delay.
"Sedar and our website is all you need."

PS - you aren't helping. If you think you are, please stop."

Best regards, end of comms.....


Drew Klein Director, International Business Development

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

Mr Drew Klein can shove his abject stupidity where the sun doesn't fukkin shine. Failure to produce a regular presentation means C-Com Satellite Systems Inc is very, very likely a securities FRAUD.

That presentation is ultra critical on-going disclosure and if these flaming venture securities retards won't produce it, odds are FAR better than average they are crooked fukkin basterds in need of a 10 foot pole. After 850 public companies I have seen nada presentation about 6 times, and 4 of those were outright and outrageous venture scams.

Case Closed and this is one rule one never breaks. Good riddance C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. and the horrid dopes like Mr. Drew Klein therein.