Monday, November 11, 2013

GreekTard signs up hopeless KWG Resources Inc.

A rolling Turd gathers no moss and Georgie Peorgie Tsiolis is beside himself with the latest, greatest shearing of ultra dumb sheeple ... KWG Resources.
As the vast majority of us know, Cliffs has walked from the "Ring of Fire" and the chances of development in this lifetime are exactly zero. This multi decade promo for dopos is quite finished. That doesn't slow down types like the GreekTardians, nor the securities reprobates flipping off dead worthless GreekTardian paper for resale to said retarded sheeple.

"KWG is involved in the discovery of world class chromium deposits in the McFaulds Lake area of the James Bay lowlands. KWG and Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (‘Cliffs”) are joint venture partners on the Big Daddy chromium deposit."
So every ridiculous Agoracom deal we've ever looked at has been a sickening, obvious scam on the public and what are the odds this time?

Super duper pooper large citizens.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Nov. 8, 2013) - KWG Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:KWG) has completed a second tranche of a private placement of flow-through units, for gross proceeds of $1,328,000. Each unit comprises one flow-through treasury share and one warrant which may be exercised to acquire a further flow-through share for $0.10 at any time within three years. The units may be acquired by qualified investors for a subscription of $0.05 each. Finder's fees included a payment in cash of $31,250 and a compensation option entitling its holder to purchase 250,000 common shares of KWG at a price of $0.05 during a three-year period. All securities issued are subject to a four-month hold period.

Shares Outstanding 720,737,273
Warrants 109,390,000
Options 66,404,500
Fully-Diluted 896,531,773