Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heat rising in Madre de Dios - Update

(Translated) 13:49 lima, Apr. 29. A total of 16 representatives of 11 specialized environmental Prosecutor, participated in the eradication of illegal mining large, made yesterday by the forces of order, in the Madre de Dios region, it was reported.

The national coordinator of the specialized prosecutor's offices in the environmental field, Antonio Fernández Jeri, pointed out that the judges who took part in this operation are tax districts of Piura, Amazonas (Bagua and Chachapoyas headquarters), Arequipa, Cajamarca, Cusco, Trujillo, Huancayo, Huánuco, Ica and Cañete. Speaking to the Andean Agency, Fernandez explained that, given the importance of this interdiction work, requested the presence of prosecutors in various parts of the Peru.
The day of ban mining in Madre de Dios was executed by more than 1,400 members of the combined forces of the army, the Navy, the air force of Peru and the national police of Peru since the early hours of Monday. The operation was carried out simultaneously by air, land and water in areas that during the two years it had failed to enter.

Result of this operation is snapped 37 engines, 4 hoppers, 5 retro excavators, 2 climbers, 4 front loaders, dump 1, 2 batteries, 12 stationary tanks of fuel, 15 sacks of nitrate, 4.860 meters of hose, 800 metres of carpet, 1,265 yards PVC tubes and 11,018 gallons of gasoline.
HUEPETUHE, Peru – In a surprise raid, about 1,500 police and troops dynamited $20 million worth of heavy machinery as Peru's government throttled up a crackdown on illegal gold mining that has badly scarred the ecologically rich southeastern jungle region of Madre de Dios.
The operation Monday was the first such action since a nationwide ban on illegal mining took effect April 19.
The equipment destroyed was on the outskirts of town or at a nearby river. It included 15 backhoes, 45 big motors used to suck water from rivers and nine dredges, Urresti said. All mining in rivers is illegal in Peru.

Before the deadline, the government began sharply reducing gasoline supplies to Madre de Dios, idling mining machinery. Its multi-pronged approach to snuffing out illegal mining has included confiscating illegal gold at domestic airports and dynamiting illegal gold refineries in the coastal cities of Chala and Nazca.