Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Turdly Mark Turner at

Some may have noticed a very slight distaste for the spewing of Lima based Mr. Mark Turner over at Incakola in this space. After a long while one realizes his sole purpose is to stroke that limitless ego. That's great and a common reason for any dope, even this un, to spew with unmitigated glee at the public when so motivated.

Our boyoTard has gone too far this time and this for what the dope refuses to talk about ... a pending major mess in Peru's Madre de Dios region.
What we have cooking in Peru is the army marching into the Madre de Dios region to uproot illegal miners. Not just a few miners either, apparently upwards of 40,000 are staging protests and blocking roads due to decreased diesel supplies.

The chit is starting to come harder and faster and we are suspecting some real news in days ... none of it good for miners in Peru.
Our self proclaimed "expert" on Peru, and mining, and mining companies, and etc etc etc has said nada word to his masses. Oh REALLY says we? Who, pray tell, is relying on the stupidity from THAT butthole?

Whomever it is could have a major equity zapping problem upon them WITHOUT any assistance from their flaming dipshitz Peru "expert" whatsoever.