Friday, July 25, 2014

Air Canada Flight Lands Safely After Rocket Attack Near Tel Aviv

"An Air Canada flight landed safely in Tel Aviv on Friday after its touchdown was delayed in response to a rocket attack near the city's Ben Gurion Airport. It was Air Canada’s first flight to Israel after suspending flights to the country on Tuesday.

The flight, originating in Toronto, was instructed to go into a holding pattern over central Israel before starting its final approach to the runway, said Ofer Lefler, a spokesman for Israel's Civil Aviation Authority. The diversion delayed the landing by four minutes, he said.

The problem here is that the RESUMPTION of flights over Israel is and was a political decision. It is the many diplomatic protests associated with "letting the terrorists win" that sicken mightily now.

Canada deliberately jeopardizing it's citizens in a war zone should not be about appeasing Israel politicos.