Friday, July 18, 2014

Mick Gatto in the News 2014

Underworld identity Mick Gatto was allegedly involved in a bid to recover some of the massive debts owed by convicted fraudster and property developer Jason Van Der Slot, who died recently.

Mr Van Der Slot, who reinvented himself as a developer following a fraud conviction in 2001, was behind the 210-unit Verge apartment complex in Southbank that has been plagued by delays. The Sunday Age believes Mr Gatto approached the 43-year-old Brighton man about a ''payment strategy'' for the personal and business debts he had run up around the city.
Mr Van Der Slot is believed to have been visited at his Brighton home by Mr Gatto about a week before he took his own life in early November. Mr Gatto, sole survivor of the Carlton Crew wiped out in Melbourne's underworld war, has established a reputation as one of the city's most prominent dispute mediators and debt collectors. One of his firms, Gatto Corporate Solutions, claims a ''great track record of settling any situation quickly''.

''So you read the papers, heard the name, perhaps even watched a TV series, in turn you have Googled the name Gatto. If your business has a problem, our business has the solution,'' its website says. Mr Gatto's involvement has fuelled concerns about perceived failures to regulate the debt-collection industry, which has recently been targeted by outlaw motorcycle gangs and other figures with underworld links.
The Van Der Slot family assets - including a $3.5 million mansion, luxury cars and two yachts - have been frozen by order of the Supreme Court as part of the civil lawsuit brought by his former employer, Salvo Property Group.

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