Thursday, August 28, 2014

CEO hit where it hurts for Doggy abuse

The CEO of a prominent catering company has been ordered to donate $100,000 and complete 1,000 hours of community service, or risk losing his job, after he was caught on camera abusing a puppy in a Vancouver condo building.

Des Hague, CEO of Centerplate, was captured on video repeatedly kicking a Doberman pinscher puppy and using a leash to jerk it around inside a downtown Vancouver elevator. The video surfaced earlier this month and prompted the U.S.-based food and beverage corporation as well as the SPCA to launch investigations.
On Wednesday, Centerplate said Hague's behaviour was "unacceptable" and noted that he has been placed on an indefinite probation.

"Any further acts of misconduct would result in immediate termination," the company said in a statement. "The company finds Mr. Hague’s personal behaviour unacceptable and outside the bounds of our high standards and expectations of all of our staff," the statement read. "We do not condone nor can we overlook the mistreatment of animals and Mr. Hague's personal misconduct."

Centerplate says the Sade foundation will be set up with Hague's money "to help support the protection and safety of animals in the city of Vancouver where the incident occurred."

Lesson to be learned? Next time one wants to heap abuse on something best leave doggies alone. Far safer to abuse a homeless person on the street and the levels of outraged public stupidity would be negligible and the savings instant. Rather than having a whooping $ 100k going to the dogs as it were, how about this organization donate food for humans in need instead?

Geezus Louiseus. Sheeple get bent completely stupid over a near worthless K9 whilst they would never think of donating their spare change to a starving panhandler in their lifetime.